Monetisation programs are handicapped from growth because of the murky data underlying the actual campaign activity.

Elevaate helps underpin scale by adding in the data layer, enabling targeting and relevance and bringing an element of agility into a platform that can be used by internal teams as well as external agencies.


The elevaate trade marketing platform helps scale digital monetisation programs but by managing the total cost to serve. All parties can effectively plan, buy relevant media, execute campaigns and distill outcomes ensuring strong relationships ensue.


We help brands target relevant audiences and be creative in marketing efforts to drive performance based campaigns. Through fully transparent reporting brands identify the value of marketing innovation through test and learn capability.


We enable agencies to execute effective performance media by working directly with the target audience. With absolute attribution it supports the broader shopper campaigns and drives market leading insights.

“Since implementing the Elevaate platform on we have been able to transform our partnership programs and demonstrate real-time ROI. This, in-turn, has given us an uplift of supplier funding programs and a more efficient foundation to sustain growth in this area. The feedback from brands has been really positive as has the controlled relevance we now see at scale.” - Matt Lowe, Head of UX, Iceland