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CMOs + CIOs should unite in 2017

Salesforce’s CMO for Europe Guillaume Roques explains in Marketing Week why senior marketers need to get inside the head of the chief information officer in order to succeed.


Salesforce CMO Guillaume Roques is the first to admit that 2016 has been a turbulent year for marketers. Even though events such as Brexit and Trump’s election victory have brought about political and economic uncertainty, he remains optimistic about the future.


“When you have turbulence you have to rethink your strategy and refocus, and that’s when you can capitalise on new opportunities,” he tells Marketing Week.


Speaking to Marketing Week, Roques shares his thoughts on what is in store for marketers in 2017 and what their main challenges will be.


What should marketers start doing in 2017?


It’s really important that the CMO also does the CIO job and vice versa due to the convergence of tech. Very often the IoT is perceived as being a technical project but it’s critical for the CMO to understand it too. It’s something they can learn a lot from and they can use to create new campaigns or ways of engaging with customers.


There are so many digital touchpoints, and as a CMO you need to understand how all these work together and how you connect the dots. You have to work very closely with the CIO, so it’s important to understand how they operate and what their constraints are. That kind of CIO-CMO synergy we will see even more in 2017 than before.


Digital transformation isn’t about how the CMO and CIO can work together to better manage those touchpoints, it’s about the CMO and CIO working together with the CEO to transform the way they are serving their customers. While before we were selling a product, we are now selling services or a customer experience. It changes the way you position your customers and how you position them within your system.


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