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How Elevaate Supports Bi-Model Capabilities to Provide Agility and Speed

Bi-Model IT is a concept which has been gaining interest in the enterprise sector over recent years. The term was first coined by Gartner.


According to the official Gartner glossary “Bimodal IT refers to having two modes of IT, each designed to develop and deliver information- and technology-intensive services in its own way. Mode 1 is traditional, emphasising scalability, efficiency, safety and accuracy. Mode 2 is non-sequential, emphasising agility and speed.”


Gartner suggests that organisations should configure their IT in this way in order to meet the increasing requirements being put on various business units. By utilising bi-model IT, businesses can create operations that are both rock-solid and fluid.


This essentially means that organisations should operate two separate but concurrent modes of IT each of which develops and delivers information in its own way.


The first one operates in what would be considered a traditional IT manner. This mode of IT is generally housed in the core business functions including most critical business processes and sensitive data. This is often liner and plan driven.


The second mode meanwhile is all about agility and speed. This allows organisations to meet digital challenges and develop new products and services without being weighed down by legacy systems and processes. By leveraging the power of emerging technologies, such as cloud solutions like Elevaate, businesses have the ability to quickly and easily develop, test and scale new offerings.


By implementing bimodal IT, organisations can reap all the benefits of adopting and utilising new technologies without having to upgrade their entire legacy system.


This allows companies to keep pace with emerging technologies and customer demands in an increasingly digital world, without disrupting their core business functionality.


Elevaate helps commercial and marketing teams scale the trading capability which is otherwise constrained by technology and resource. By providing real-time trading capability on any digital channel – internal and partner teams are able to create exceptional customer experiences with scale.

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