All monetisation through one integrated platform

3x growth by leveraging all products, pages and your total supplier base

We help Retailers grow digital monetisation programs internally

• Fully GSCOP compliant
• Execute your entire digital monetisation through a single platform
• Extension of current program reducing cost to serve
• Single platform centralising spend, bookings and reporting
• Retailer variables enabling execution of business goals
• Support own brand placement & promotion
• Create targeted campaigns through segmentation

We help develop effective supplier funded marketing programs externally

• Access & scale the entire long tail with self-serve
• Create merchandising bundles with single add to basket
• Achieve maximum value with content auction capabilities
• Sitewide campaigns in a single click
• Data Insight through real-time Analytics
• Interactive smart add-to-basket banners
• Various bidding models CPC, CPM, CPI & CPA
• Create complementary purchases through cross-category promotion

David Devany, Managing Director On-Line Iceland

We implemented the Elevaate platform in 2015 and have gone from stength to strength. Elevaate now powers our entire online digital monetisation programs which now includes intelligent banners, product & landing pages.

Andy Harding, Chief Customer Officer House of Fraser

Using the Elevaate cloud platform provides our brand partners with the flexibility to bid for product sponsorship in real-time.