It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas...

by Lesley Mace

The are trees up, decorations adorn many a house in our area, Black Friday is over but the returns are not! Oh, and now we are seeing the ‘Which advert won the viewer's hearts’ stats.

It’s a great tradition in our house to debate the best, worst, funniest and which make you think ‘hang on, some people are not as lucky as we are’.

For us the story is key, but also the music. And nothing yet has beaten the 2016 John Lewis ad with Lily Allen singing ‘Somewhere only we know’ (and yes beats the original Keane version in 2004).

But what does Christmas Ads mean for a retailer – a lot of stress, time and a ton of cash. You could argue that anyone spending £7m on a Christmas ad would have been better donating some to charity!

What does TV advertising achieve when as a consumer we have the ability to skip thru’ ads or watch in catch up mode. If it’s to increase brand awareness in a market of fierce competition then how can you be sure you know when you have succeeded? Or if it’s to build deeper loyalty and allegiance from existing customers then surely there are better, more personal ways to do this? Or is it, that ads have developed and become a part of our culture – playing more of an emotional than promotional message? They are increasingly popular with the public and social media plays a huge part in heightening the impact.

I’ve just seen this emotion stats on Christmas ads - how do Christmas ads make you feel about a retailer? #discuss