Grow your supplier contribution

by Scott Weavers-Wright

The Challenge

It simply doesn’t add up - how do you scale up your supplier contribution programme and reduce your headcount and or costs within your business?

Monetisation programs are handicapped from growth because of the inability to access the long tail - Elevaate's solves this....

How do you chase further investment from your supplier base without the ability to implement the content across your online technology stack without asking your team to manually manage the programme across your CMS, search, ecommerce layer(s)...

In most cases, you don’t, because you can’t…..

80% of suppliers are not participating in any programme because retailers cannot manage the long tail and the experience is poor for the brands they do support as there is little or no data exchanged.

The Opportunity

The digital marketplaces have cracked it - indeed reports suggest Amazon now receives $2b a year in brand/product sponsorship and Ebay cannot be far behind - what’s crystal clear is how technology has played it’s part.

Both Amazon and EBay will argue that they are “technology” businesses and thus embrace technology solutions to scale.

Partners and brands on these marketplaces embark and sign-up to a programme where they self-serve and bid against each other to boost their sales - relevant products in relevant pages.

Relevant products in Relevant areas - we call this “compliance” powered by our rules engine

Customers have been educated for many years that products are sponsored and supported by external programmes. Google shopping is a prime example of this and now Amazon has overtaken Google for product searches online.

The Elevaate solution

Scale your existing supplier programme using the Elevaate platform

Power your content across all relevant pages and search terms with a single click

Manage supplier programs easily and with NO other resources needed

When you are ready open up certain areas/inventory across your site and allow your suppliers and or their agencies to fight competitively for product position / relevancy

Share ROI data to increases supplier participation

Use one single data repository to educate suppliers and brands