Joining Elevaate & being acquired – the journey.

When I joined Elevaate – there was no doubt in my mind – it was in for a penny, in for a pound. I truly jumped in feet first, and really not sure what I was letting myself in for.

We worked like crazy, tried a bunch of marketing ideas, had lots of customer meetings, and must have written our value proposition a hundred times, to name but just a few of the things we tried. We didn’t get everything right the first time, but we got up, learned and tried again. And day-by-day, month-by-month, it grew from strength to strength.

The tech has evolved into the most dynamic online media placement platform you have ever seen. And the team were great back then – but now, they’re have grown into the most experienced in the market. Our agility and speed continue to drive us all to strive for the best.

And all that hard work, the knowledge we’ve gained, the relationships we’ve built…. Well they haven’t gone unnoticed. After 4 amazing years we have been acquired.

An American company, not so dissimilar to Elevaate. They’re all about Performance. Media, Breadth. Speed. A match made in heaven you could say.

5 months since the deal was completed and we are breaking records…

1. Fastest integration of an acquisition
2. 7 Weeks and live with our first customer
3. Month 1 and working with over 70 FMCG brands…

The online market continues to grow. 90% of shoppers today use search to find a product. With 80% clicking on the first page one of any retailer’s website. Now is the time to execute online media – at scale.

From a grocery point of view – what’s important:

1. Retails want more shoppers, bigger totes, happy shoppers
2. FMCGS, attracting shoppers, direct to consumer
3. Consumers – speed, convenience, easy, mobile

And no matter what – we cannot ignore Amazon. And it’s time to do it better & faster.

Elevaate, is now a part of Quotient. We’re able to leverage promotions,
promotions, media, and audiences, to enable the delivery of personalised digital promotions and advertisements to millions of shoppers daily…that drive measurable, incremental sales for CPG and Retail marketers.

Whether you’re a Shopper Marketeer, in the ad space, deliver paid search, in eCommerce – Omni-channel – now is the time to stop looking at channels. There is no channel.

And while I thought the roller coaster might calm down – It’s just the beginning of our next phase. Watch this space for more exciting news…!

Author: Lesley Mace

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