Unlock new revenue + control

Deliver on shopper needs with a single eCommerce media execution platform, whilst reducing costs and growing profits

Drive value from each impression

  • Create further opportunity from your existing
    digital real estate

  • Open premium locations to your brands while maintaining full control over look & feel

Hassle free setup

  1. Submit a product feed to Elevaate

  2. We’ll design templates & placements for you to approve

  3. Once approved, just add a small script to the pages you want products to show

You control what is seen

Our product suite is constantly evolving – choose
from a mix of available media types:

  • Sponsored Search Placements
  • Browse / PDP Placements
  • Banner Media (Static & Intelligent)
  • Video / Email Placements

Flexible pricing models available including

You decide what goes live & when for ultimate

Take advantage of the benefits

  • New revenue stream from your existing inventory

  • Native, non interruptive advertising to shoppers

  • Utilize for own label merchandising as well as branded promotions

  • Activity can be offered as managed or self service for ultimate flexibility

  • Any activity is fully GSCOP Compliant

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